Understanding What it Means to Post Bail

In the United States, people have the right to post bail. Posting bail is a process that dates back to the creation of the nation and was designed to allow people to be able to continue to live their lives if accused of a crime. Understanding the process allows people to understand its importance in our legal system.

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The idea of allowing people to post bail arose when the discovery of evidence began to be used in the court system. Evidence can take a good amount of time to gather, so people who were caused of a crime but later found innocent were forced to stay in a cell until their innocence could be proven in a court of law. This led to significant impacts on people’s lives, such as the loss of time, jobs, and homes. The collateral given to post bail was often a cash sum that the courts would continue to hold on to until the conclusion of the trial. If the person was found guilty, all or part of this collateral would be kept by the courts. Today, with bail bond companies, items of great value can be used to help people post bails, such as cars and homes.

For additional information about what it means to post bail, please review the attached video.


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