can a bail bondsman help with a cash only bond

Can a Bail Bondsman Help With a Cash Only Bond and Other Questions Answered

Bail bondsmen can assist those charged with a crime to get out of jail. What is bail? What is a bond? Where do bail bondmen come into play? This video will explain all.

A local judge will arraign the accused when they are placed in jail for a crime. The judge will set bail based upon the severity of the crime as well as the defendant’s place in the community. Bail is a security deposit that the defendant makes to be released from jail. If the defendant fails to appear at the next court date, the bail is refunded.

A bail bondsman can be called in to assist the defendant or their loved ones if they are unable to pay the bail amount. The bail bondsman will charge 10% and then post the remainder to the defendant. Although the defendant will not be able to get the 10% back, it is cheaper than having to pay it all.

The bail bondsman can arrest the defendant if the defendant does not appear in court. The video below provides more information about bail bonds and bail. You may have questions like do you get your money back from bail bondsman? If you meet the conditions of your release, you will get your money back from a bail bondsman, minus any commission or service fees that may charge. It is important to know the conditions of both your release and your bail return before contracting with a bail bondsman.

If the thought of paying a professional to do something you feel you are capable on your own, you may be wondering can you bail yourself out of jail with a bondsman or can you just do it on your own. Using a bondsman is recommended as they are professionals you understand the court’s process.

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